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B2B Telemarketing Inside Sales Business to Business Lead Generation Services

Business to Business Lead Generation Services and Telemarketing Programs are powerful tools for businesses. They generate and qualify business leads, increases sales, and improve customer retention rates. Telemarketing provides immediate feedback, letting you know how your message or offer is being received. It gives you the ability to test new ideas and approaches and get results quickly. In addition, your investment in a business to business telemarketing campaign is easy to quantify and track, unlike other forms of advertising.

Holistic Marketing Approach Including B2B Telemarketing inside sales


ThrustPro’s unique holistic marketing approach applies a proactive approach to both online and offline marketing inside sales including B2B Telemarketing to grow your business. We profile your customers to find new leads, and then contact and follow-up with new leads to optimize lead conversion. Such opportunities to garner sales from an expanded client base produce quantifiable and dependable results. Read more about this holistic marketing and sales approach, and then contact us for a preliminary chat.



Grow Your Base
Generating new leads is vital to business survival and growth in any industry. We team up with our clients to produce results including B2B Telemarketing and inside sales. First we profile your existing customers in a specific SIC or NAICS and try to find more like them. Then we provide you with contact information for relevant companies across the USA and Canada.

Generate Leads and Optimize Lead Flow
ThrustPro plans and executes marketing campaigns that generate demand for your products and services through a variety of media outlets. We also create a closed-loop follow-up process, so new leads don’t slip through the cracks. Furthermore, our lead qualification process including B2B Telemarketing ensures that all sales reps use the same consistent methodology in follow-up.

Close More Deals
ThrustPro helps you close deals faster by providing a single medium for updating deal information, tracking opportunity milestones, and recording interactions. You can easily analyze your sales pipeline to quickly identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the sales cycle using ThrustPro’s no muss no fuss software.


So why should you do B2B telemarketing? Telemarketing is the most popular, dynamic, flexible and effective marketing and communications technique available.
Our goal is to turn each outbound telemarketing contact into sales and results. We select, assign, train, supervise and monitor top-performing agents. Ask us to customize scripts for different market segments using appeals that will get results.

Tap into our product expertise and knowledge to gain the strongest results for your outbound B2B telemarketing program. ThrustPro Network can connect you to contact centers and staff who have had the most experience and success at handling similar outbound telemarketing projects in your industry vertical or regional market


What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?
Search Engine Marketing is the marketing effort conducted online to increase traffic and conversion. It is the umbrella term that encompasses the Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Campaigns, and other visibility strategies that promote branding and name recognition.

Our SEM Strategy

Our strategy is to promote your business in the most effective manner, and we combine all aspects of Search Engine Marketing to maximize your benefit. Our aim is to grow your online presence and visibility organically through Natural Search Engine Optimization.

Natural Search Engine Optimization is the most cost effective venue; furthermore, it provides your web address with a trustworthy presence that shows prospects your notoriety was earned—not bought.

Our team of expert search engine positions specialists work to achieve high natural ("organic") search engine placement for relevant keywords or keyword phrases.


What is a Telemarketing & Lead generation

B2B Telemarketing is a method of direct marketing in which a salesperson solicits to prospective customers to buy products or services, either over the phone or through a subsequent face to face or Web conferencing appointment scheduled during the call. Resource Wikipedia


Lead Generation
Our Lead Generation/Qualification Services will increase sales and revenues, reduce costs per sale, eliminate a challenging management process, produce results.

Holistic Marketing Approach?

Offline Approach :

  • Grow your customers base
  • Generates More Leads
  • Optimize Lead Flow
  • Close More Deals
Our B2B Telemarketers Will Do The flowing
  • Source your lead
  • Introduce your product and services
  • Set up appointmen
  • Revive your “dead” clients
  • Let you work on hot leads

Online Approach:
SEO Services - Search Engine Optimisation Services

Our Goal

Our goal is to grow your online presence and visibility organically.


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